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If you need a new automobile part for your vehicle, Sheldon’s Auto Parts Ltd can help! We are stocked with the right auto parts, providing them to you at the most competitive rates. We can even supply hard-to-find components for your vehicles. Get in touch.

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Brake System

To keep truck or car brakes in top shape, regular maintenance is important. Buy brake parts including car brake pads, shoes, callipers, rotors, master cylinders and brake hardware. Get affordable parts for every brake job.


During nighttime or bad weather, automobile owners rely on their auto headlights. Have a damaged auto headlight? No problem! Come and check out our greatest auto headlight selection in Jamaica. Sheldon’s Auto Parts is an inexpensive source to get a new set of replacement headlights.

Suspension Systems

If you want to put an end to that bouncing, jolting, and boisterous driving experience, Sheldon’s Auto Parts Ltd is the perfect place to find shocks or struts. We deliver only the best components for your suspension system.

Air Intakes

Buy air filter from Sheldon’s Auto Parts Ltd to increase power, prolong engine life and improve fuel economy. We have a huge selection and the guaranteed best prices. Feed your engine cleaner air so it operates efficiently.

Liner Kit

DIY’ers and professionals have always trusted Sheldon’s Auto Parts Ltd in bed liners to protect their truck beds. Get unique, high-quality truck bed liner kit at a fraction of the cost. Purchase the best bed liner kit now.

CV Joints

We proudly service the CV boot replacement needs of customers in Jamaica. Let your CV boot keep your CV joint properly lubricated. If your boot needs to be replaced, contact us for purchasing CV boot kits for cars, trucks & SUVs.

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Your car, truck or SUV’s radiator is a significant component of your engine. Be it a radiator damage or preventative radiator measure, simply rely on us for buying replacement radiators for any make and model.

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Fan Belts

Are you having steering or braking difficulties? It could be from a failed fan belt. Since it is not safe to operate any vehicle with a malfunctioning belt, you must get them replaced. We have wholesale fan belts available.

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Front End Parts

Never overlook your suspension system including your steering, tyres, and wheels. For stable steering and handling, keeping tyres firmly on the road and maintaining passenger comfort, shop our front end car & truck parts.

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Water Pumps

If your automobile’s water pump starts malfunctioning, your engine doesn’t receive the necessary fluid to run properly. And if that happens, simply contact us. We carry an assortment of water pumps specifically for your vehicle.

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Clutch Parts

If you need to maintain your manual transmission components, including your clutch, you can browse our clutch products. We carry all clutch parts to get your repair job done. Shop clutch discs, clutch pressure plates & more.


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